This and That

  1. I’ve survived minus degrees in London but 20 degrees in Hyderabad is killing me! Wait, did I ever tell you how much I liked London? Thiiiiiiiiiis much.
  2. I am so sleepy right now and I cannot even remember when was the last time I felt this way.
  3. We talked for a couple of hours today and the only clarity I got from the guy is that he is a control freak in the making if not already one. #NotExaggerating
  4. There’s never a dull moment with the Job. It is always a high or a low but never once on the stable ground. Yesterday, they offered me an offer to go onsite to Australia which I had to refuse due to the wedding and today, I was feeling insecure about the job.
  5. It feels so strange that I’m always in a crappy mood when I have loads of work because it leaves me with no time to do anything else and when I have nothing to do, I’m still in a crappy mood because I’m going crazy trying not to think about all the nonsense that happens in a corporate office! God help me!
  6. I never thought I looked good in a Saree. But for the first time in my life when every silk saree I wore suited me and when everyone else in the shopping bag unanimously agreed how beautiful I looked in the Saree, I realised how much I seek other’s approval and strangely mine too.
  7. I’m not sure if I’m happy enough to get married but I’m definitely sure that I’m happy to buy that beautiful Pink Silk Saree! It is irony dipped in a solution of sadness & hypocrisy.
  8. Is there any point in dreaming about something in life? All I ever wanted was a life with lots of food, sleep, books, movies & shows. With a home to live and no one else and nothing much but the basic amenities. Why in this world is that too much to ask and why is it abnormal?
  9. I hate to cry but when I’m angry and alone, tears just fall out like pearls. Just because I cannot yell at anyone, am I neck deep in self pity that i can only end up crying alone and do nothing? I thought I’m better than that!
  10. Do anyone know how to calculate your IQ. No, none of those free sites on Internet really work. I need something legitimate to check my IQ. I just happened to watch the latest episode of Scorpion and was wondering if I was a genius lost in crappy exams and meaningless compulsions. 🙂

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