30 days challenge

I have been following quite a few self motivating things on pinterest lately. One if those advices from life hacks was to start doing something today and continue it for 30 days. They say that it becomes a habit. Well, I want to test that again. Again because, i know of a 30 day challenge that leaves you exhausted and tiring that you will definitely want to stop doing that on the 31st day. πŸ™‚ I’m talking about the January blogathon many of us do. Even though it was wonderful to write every single day, i cannot do that continously.
But now, i want to test that theory on a few habits. Yes, this time it is about food, todo lists, and sleeping early.
Due to budget issues, I already had to cut down eating or ordering out. So, the new food habit i wanna try this time is to eat only healthy snacks and use less oils and fattening foods in my cooking. Today, i followed it by replacing my unhealthy midnight snacks with 3 handfuls of pomegranate seeds.
Feeling pretty good about it but thinking of sleeping early tomorrow so that i don’t have midnight cravings at all. That covers my sleeping early habit. The actual resolution is to wake up early which would be impossible for me to do if i cannot sleep early. Today, it is already 3 in the morning and I’m still awake. But tomorrow i plan to sleep by 11pm. I need a miracle for this to happen. πŸ˜‡ That’s a very difficult thing to do, but let’s try!
The other habit is to make lists everyday and try complete them beforw i go to bed. I wanted to make it a habit because i make lists on all the good days and never bother to do so on a bad day. I wanted to change this habit as i tend to be pretty successful with lists on. I’m this scatter brained and forgetful that lists always come to my rescue. So, starting now, I’m gonna make lists everyday for the next 30 days for anything that’s even remotely important.
Sorry for boring you guys with these silly things. But i got no other option. This blog is my safest yet strictest journal buddy and I’m answerable to it. So, let’s see of i succeed the challenge or fail miserably. It was 12th June and i will have to follow these 3 rules for the next 30 days. I.e. till 12th of July.


4 thoughts on “30 days challenge

  1. So did you manage to sleep by 11pm.

    January blogthon was difficult I failed miserably ..

    My best wishes with all the three that you are going to try and I am sure it will work out. Healthy eating is always right.. It reminds me that I should also cut down on eating out or ordering from outside. ..

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