Splitsvilla 9 & Some random thoughts

Yepp, i shamelessly agree that i watch this  show.
I know i know, in a lot ways it is demeaning,   stupid, crazy, brainless and what not. But, it is also true that it is entertaining, meaningless fun, & super hot. Of all the girls from all seasons, including the hosts, the hottest girl was Sunny Leone. I have no idea what she was outside or what she really is as a person, but on the show, she is one amazing, strong and wonderful lady.   She just hosted 2 seasons S7 & S8 and came back to host the current S9. She played all low key and humble on S7 but you get to see her best form in S8.
While i personally loved S7, i hated S8 for many reasons. And one of those reasons was the other host Rannvijay. He is biased and 2 faced. After watching Ayushman & Nikhil host the show it is such a turn off to watch this guy. What can i say, i love Nikhil Chinnapa too much that i cannot stand anyone else.
Okay, i know you must be wondering what the hell was this all about. Yepp, coming right to the point which is, Splitsvilla S9 has started airing and i was watching the promo episodes when i came across this contestant who said, “Dil mile yaa naa mile, lekin kayi dil tootenge zaroor” which means, “you may or may not find love, but many hearts are going to break for sure”.
That made me think how true the line was. She maybe talking about the show, but in real life, that’s exactly what happens. Ultimately, you may or may not find love, but in the process, many a heart are bound to break. In life, there’s no such thing like forever. Even love isn’t forever. It takes various forms to stay forever. It is not life if there aren’t setbacks, struggles & heartbreaks. Ain’t it true? All we need to do is move forward taking care of those broken pieces until they find a way to stick together again. 🙂
See, even Splitsvilla isn’t that stupid. I know how lame i sound saying this. 😜
Take care guys. Happy Sunday. 😀😉



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