Physical & Emotional bonds

How on earth do you develop an emotional and physical bond with a man who is your husband but not yet the love of your life? I know it sounds crazy.
Physical bond is still an easy thing. All you need is some comfort zone and lust. But what about emotional bonds. How do you create those. I know, many disagree. But to me, physical relationship doesn’t have much importance when compared to the emotional one.
Don’t mistake me for a saint, for I’m definitely not one. I enjoy sex as much as every other person on this planet does. But to me, it wasn’t any life and death issue. Or maybe until i properly love someone, it isn’t. But then, how do you love someone when you haven’t fallen in love with but have already married him!
I know, it was written, “Biggest Loser” on my forehead. In my society, people who think like this marry only when they fall in love and people who don’t think like this, marry someone and maybe love them later. My problem is that i belong to that rare breed who question the system after diving neck deep into it.
I know I’m lost case and no one can help me. Hopeless!
By the way, i have regretted posting about me watching Splitsvilla as if it is porn. Do you guys ever reveal such stupid things you do? And once you do, would you regret doing so? I mean revealing, not doing, silly!. Arre, i know we are all allowed to ve stupid at times, atleast in private. πŸ˜‰. I was thinking about all sorts of things and ended with writing this rant because i couldn’t sleep and it’s 2:30 in the morning. You can now guess how well my goal to make a habit of sleeping early is being acheived. Yepp, I’m sleeping very early in the morning! 😑. I know, hopeless! 😊

Chalo, seeya.

Love, Sahasra πŸ’ž


2 thoughts on “Physical & Emotional bonds

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. I hope everything works out. You’ve made a decision and now there’s no use wondering about it–you just have to stick to it, or if necessary, make another decision that allows you to undo the one you’ve just made.

    • Hi B,

      Sorry for the very late reply. Somehow, the word-press app on my phone stopped notifying me and i was in dark about everything related to the blog.
      And i’m glad there’s someone who enjoys reading my blog. The first reason i stopped writing is because i didn’t want this place to be a sad and pathetic memoir. You were right, there is no use looking back. I just have to move on further in life with whatever i can gather.
      Things weren’t bad. It wasn’t an easy path for us(me & the husband) but we are taking one step at a time and somehow managing the together thing.

      Hope you too are doing well in life.Thank you for the support. It means a lot.

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