A πŸ’• song

There are very few songs that stir our hearts and make us feel like falling from a cliff or a plane(in slow motion huh). It was that feeling or rush you get when you hear a river or stream flowing in the middle of the night, or the sight of full moon on a calm night, it is the kick an alarming silence gives to an introvert, it is that kind of weird and happy thing.

Link to “Taanu Nenu”.

And this song gives me all of that. Though i like Rehman’s music, I was never a big fan. But this song wants me to be one. This song, leaves me with a heavy heart, leaves me with a pain or whatever that feeling is, that my words cannot describe properly. It feels as if my soul is responding to it. It makes me enjoy all the other songs in the album. The vibe gets carried onto them as well.
Maybe, it is the lyrics or maybe it is the soulful music or maybe it is the voice of the singer and the appeal in it that touched the chords within. I just Love the lyrics, love the music, and love the voice. Maybe, it was the wish deep down in my heart for a stable and happy relationship that is making me go crazy about this song. Makes me wonder, am i living more in my imaginary life instead of living in the real one? Have no clue what my brain and heart are made of.
Whatever it is, i know that it is really wonderful to be able to enjoy little things like this. So, let’s enjoy the good things of life and leave the rest. πŸ˜•πŸ˜Š

Sahasra πŸ’ž


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