7 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Don’t Do – Association of Internet Research Specialists | AIRS


As much as i hate Ted talks, unknowingly i keep on moving towards them. These motivational and self help talkd are like magnets pulling me towards them. It is also true that i keep on losing my inspiration and need new bouts from time to time which probably is thr reason why i turn towards these.

And this article made a lot of sense and i wanna have it as a reminder of what i want to be. Yeah, the first thought I had after reading the entire article is, “Are these people really human? Do such people even exist?” Because in my 27 years of life, i have never come across any one who fits the article’s description. Well, I can think of one person, my ex-manager, but again, I knew very little of her personal life.

Have a nice day people. Take Care.

Sahasra 😉


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