This and that

I can already see an end to my blogathon. I am here again at 11:40 trying to type in and publish something that makes some sense and worthy of a blogathon. The whole day just passed by and i didn’t get a few minutes to write! I must be the president or prime minister to be so busy! 

So, after being completely disappointed in me, here comes my first resolution for the new year, which is, me posting something meaningful and worthy of mine and others time as well for the rest of the blogathon. And, that’s it. No more resolutions for now.

As i mentioned in my other post, I’m going to Australia for 3 months. Melbourne to be specific. I got my visa a week back and will be flying in a day or two. Thanks to my office guys, my travel dates are still not confirmed. 

Rest assured Melb, i will me there next week.😜 And i will be there with you for the next 3 months. Thanks to you, this blogathon is going to be an easy one to me, i hope!. I’m still nervous and not sure about a ton if things but still hope that this trip gives me memories worth a lifetime. This was one of the places that i have always wanted to visit and stay.

Lots of dreams and hopes. Cannot wait to touch those skies and i just cannot wait to be there😚.Will keep you all posted via the precious blog πŸ˜„.

Take care ppl.

With love, Sahasra


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