When heart breaks

How does that sound? How does it feel to be heart broken? Will you ever be able to recuperate from it fully? Is gathering those pieces easy or is it totally impossible?

Like scars of battle, maybe it scars your heart forever and even long after you’ve moved on, it aches when that memory strikes.

What was I thinking? That you will never move on! I clearly know that this is bound to happen. With the kind of family you had, I thought it would happen long ago. But no, you had to wait all these years only to make me feel sorry for the decisions i made and regret my choices.

I know, they are my decisions and my choices. I most likely scarred a second life. I am unworthy of the word called love and kindness. The moment i think that i have seen the depths of my selfishness and there’s no more left, I do something and i myself end up getting surprised of how many more tunnels i have into my selfish pit.

The only solace is that you’re moving on and being the kind of person that you are, I’m sure you will be happy. Thank God you aren’t stuck with a person like me. But deep within my heart,  I always knew that the day you move on is going to be the saddest day of my life and it is. 

With all my heart, I only wish the best f0r you and i hope you find peace and love in the life you’re heading towards.😇