Destiny’s favourite child

I always used to boast that I am destiny’s favourite child. Though nothing in my life was served on a platter to me, i thought everything came easily to me without much hardwork on my part. The only difficult thing in my life is dealing with the things in my head.

Today, i heard a quote. Life isn’t like a monthly paycheck that comes to our rescue every month. It is a chance, an opportunity that is kind enough to give us things so that we would learn from our mistakes. But is also hard on us when we repeat the same mistakes.

Was all that easy life a part of the kindness life showered on me? Was this now the testing phase or worse, the punishment phase? Or like everytime, is this all just in my head? I wonder.

There are a few decisions that I have to make in the next 1 month. Decisions that would change the course of my life and those of the ones around me, forever. My heart says one thing and head says another. What should i choose? How do i align them together?

Destiny, if at all there is a time when i desperately needed your favouritism, this is the moment. Show me something to hold onto and catch my breath in this race. Point me towards the direction that i need to go. Help me in anyway you can. Please love me and make me your favourite child again.

Love, Sahasra


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