In the exact moment #1

I feel like banging my head into the bus door and steel rod infront of me rather than face this life.

It seems to be the easiest thing to do. Why can’t life be just simple where everybody minds their own business?

The suicidal thoughts aren’t anything new. They have become more steady and consistent in the past few months. But only this time, I choose to write. Every time, i somehow cope with them. The fact that such an act would destroy my family is the only thing stopping me.

I’m going to them. I will have to answer so many people and so many questions. I will have to bare my soul for everyone who choose to be my well-wishers. It is as it is difficult to talk to people and now I’ll have to talk to strangers! It scares me like anything. I wish I close my eyes and everything goes away. If only I can roll the timeline by 2 years!

Okay, I need to sleep for a while. It is going to be a very long day. Wish me strength and luck.

One thought on “In the exact moment #1

  1. Sahasra, don’t bother about the outside world 🌎. Do what is best for you ! If they talk they will for a day or two and then they will mind their own businesses ! It’s your life …be kind on yourself !

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