The next 180 days # Day 176

I kind of managed to get myself off the bed and somehow managed to make my pigsty back into what looks like my home, managed to cook, feed myself and prep for the week but that’s where my progress ended.

I didn’t complete one inch of the pending office work, didn’t study anything. All I did was read and watch TV.  It is just more and more screen time on the weekend. Nothing that I’m proud of, but it is still better considering the mess that I’m in.

For the week, I just hope I stick to the basics and make it work.

  1. Concentrate full time at work.
  2. Sleep early and wake up early.
  3. Eat Healthy.
  4. Lesser screen time.
  5. Take little steps towards further study or career.
  6. Take little steps towards physical fitness.
  7. Most importantly, smile and love myself a little more everyday.


Dear, it might be a weird self note considering the number of times I promised to follow such lists. But this time, I have no other option but to live it through and end up in a better space.

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