Balcony and the little ones.

I have a little balcony and a few plants too. Ever since I was little, i always loved the plants i had around. In all those rented houses that I lived across, i have very fond memories of one or many plants that existed alongside. They were just a part of my growth, never too important for anyone to notice but never less important for me to ignore. I was always scared of the little creepy animals that existed in the mud but that never stopped me from loving those plants.

I never understood the appeal and don’t understand it even now. But there’s one thing that I now know. That every minute i spend with those plants, every minute spent muddying my hands, every minute spent worrying about their withering leaves or growing buds, a part in me start living again. It feels as if these plants exist to bind my heart together one piece at a time. They make me forget about the world. At one point, books used to do that for me. Putting brakes on my thoughts is no mean feat. Tv shows and movies succeeded at it to some extent. But these little ones demand my complete attention. Sometimes I even get lost in a completely different set of thoughts when I’m working on them.

When i need to do something with/for these plants, i feel some peace setting in. Some parts of the lost soul returning. In my conflicted and confused mind, i find reason. I have ordered a few plants online a couple of weeks ago which were delivered today. Had to redo the placement as the nursery guys did a lousy job setting them. They left the polythene in the pots. I donno if it was supposed to be that way but i just thought it is common sense. I didn’t even Google it. Maybe I will have to learn a thing or two about balcony gardening. But at the end of the day, it was a good 3 hours of mud play and plant love. My otherwise totally wasted weekend became productive.

I’m looking forward to Monday now. A new day, in the life of my new plants. Hope they live long. I love the fact that there are only limited number of variables that decide their life. Sunlight, Water, Co2 and some fertilizer. Thank you dear god for this pleasure and peace.

Will post some pics soon but for now, good night people.

7 thoughts on “Balcony and the little ones.

  1. Yes please do post the pics.. and you are right it feels good after spending some time in the garden tending to the plants and seeing the little buds appearing and then flowering…

    With all the effort put in i am sure it will be fine .. healthy.. good luck…

    • 😊 I hope i didn’t exaggerate 😉. Will surely post some pics but I’m just starting out, so there are not many plants as of now.
      The best thing is, it feels like you can shower them all the love you can without having to deal with any complexities. Simple love and pure joy it is ☺️.

  2. I felt like I could see u get your hands dirty digging up the soil and feeling the bruised, withered leaves.
    Such deep thoughts on gardening and life. I hope n pray u n your garden thrive….

    • I cannot call it a Garden yet but thanks for the kind words.
      It was exactly that way yesterday. Mud all over and the only worry was about the little ones. I hope they survive my novice gardening. 😊

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