A good weekend

After a Friday night that was restless and uncomfortable, there came a Saturday that was pleasant and cool.

I woke up early but dozed on and off only to finally wake up at around 10:30. With my weekend chores, I was busy sorting the house that I religiously make messy over the week. And then got vegetables at our weekly veggie market and started prepping them for the week while watching JuzzBaat on Fire TV stick.

I must tell you, the show’s good. The one episode that I liked the most or should I say that moved me to my core and made me shed water works is the one with Adaa Khan and Karanvir Bohra. The episode was so emotional and equally funny. While Adaa Khan made it emotional and made me cry, Karanvir Bohra is what you would always want, a break from reality and such a fun person he is. He & his life is too good to be true. Though I loved Adaa Khan’s beautiful act as a Naagin, I was never a fan. But today, I just loved her like anything. She smiles through tears, she smiles through happiness, she smiles when it’s funny too. And she smiles with all her face and her teary eyed smile will tell the kind of strength the girl has that can help her swim through the storms of life. I’m actually amazed and inspired. Strength in the face of adversity is always inspiring. One might think that her life wasn’t a real struggle, but I think it is something only the individual can decide, if something is a struggle or not. Sometimes, the silliest of things to us becomes someone’s struggle and vice-versa. So, I wouldn’t judge anyone on that basis.

After juzzbaat, i delved into TV soaps that I watch once in every couple of weeks and love them while being played on fast forward πŸ˜†πŸ˜‹. In the process I made chicken pulav using leftover chicken curry from the week and then while having dinner, I started the movie Parmanu.

Let me confess, Raazi and Parmanu were the hindi movies that I waited for this year. But since I bought the fire TV stick, i decided to compensate the expense by not going out to the mall for movies. So, I waited for 60 days for those movies to be available on Amazon Prime and Zee. I almost spent an approximate 5000 on the stick and other subscriptions altogether.

So, I watched Raazi a week back and got to watch Parmanu today. I must say, I’m blown away by Parmanu and liked Raazi. Maybe, I expected a little too much from Raazi and a little too less from Parmanu. It is such a difficult task to hold the interest of the audience on a dry story like Parmanu where all the basic information is laid out for all on the web. But it was good. Please watch it if you haven’t. The subscription was worth the movie. I did not subscribe to zee premium only for that movie but the movie was still worth the amount(500 per year). By the way, Parmanu is also good for one more reason. The testing of nuclear weapons did change the face of India on the world map. We were treated with more respect and had a big leverage against everyone who considered us a mere third world country that would play to their tunes. Though I don’t support collection and usage of nuclear weapons or our laughable no first use policy, I still think that at a time when the world is just thinking of itself and was willing to put the future of other countries on line for their own prosperity, India took a stand and took back the control that was almost lost. It was a moment in Indian history which proved that one strong man, a man who is a soft spoken hindi poet by hobby despite being a prime time politician, is capable of showing determination and courage to take tough decisions thay decide the fate the country, without having to be cruel or corrupt. I’m so glad that such a moment is captured on celluloid. John Abraham has started to gain my respect with these films like Madras Cafe and Parmanu. I’m glad he did these films that would otherwise may have remained as documentaries.

By the way, while the pulav was good, i tried my popsicle mould for the first time today and is awaiting the results. I hope they turn out good too😊.

So here I am, almost dozing off, with a wonderful feeling that i made good use of a Saturday. I just wish I had gone to the parlor, rode my bike and read something useful. But since I can still do them all tomorrow, I’ll sign-off on a happy note.

Have a great Sunday people. Hope you all have Fun too πŸ€—β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜πŸ˜Ž.

4 thoughts on “A good weekend

  1. I saw raazi.. it was good will see parmanu too some time.. and that is good prixe 500 a year.. well worth it.. it would cost more if one went to see it in cinema…

    • Raazi was good and that’s expected but Parmanu was unexpectedly good. Infact, Raazi left me in splits and I was conflicted if I really liked the movie in concept. But there was no such thing as conflict with Parmanu, it was a clean movie with a happy ending which I always love. I’m sure you too will enjoy it.
      500 is just for zee premium but it is a total of 5000 approximately for the fire stick, Amazon subscription, zee subscription, Alt Balaji & Sun Nxt. So to compensate that, I’m limiting my movie vacations at the mall πŸ˜‰.
      Tell you the truth, I can’t believe you read my boring long story. πŸ˜ƒ Thank you 😊. Have a great week ahead.

  2. I watched Raazi just yesterday. I was waiting for it to come on Prime since a long time and when it was finally available I didn’t get the time to watch it. I actually liked the movie but it left me feeling very conflicted, with what she did to that family even though it was to save our country. It is actually the only movie which didn’t demonize the enemy.
    It is good to read a happy post from you…I hope you had a great Sunday too. And you also made me crave Chicken Pulao, being the only non vegetarian in the family I get to eat chicken rarely.

    • I hate sad endings and Raazi was one. I’m in splits with Raazi and decided that it was me who expected a little too much from that movie. While I still think all that Watan and Desh bhakti is too over rated, I thought the real struggle for the girl is to believe in all that stuff and then be morally conscious. I don’t know how they go in parallel.
      And the last line of the movie where she expresses her agony and disappointment that they tried to kill her and the husband, was surprising to me. I thought, what did she expect from a group of spies? Kindness? That’s weird.
      Watch Parmanu. It was a happy ending wala movie. More to say, my type. And most importantly, this is a patriotic movie that doesn’t require Pakistan or Muslims to be the villians πŸ˜€.
      Thank you for reading my boring, long post. I frankly didn’t expect anyone would go through all that. I can only thank you for your patience πŸ€—β˜ΊοΈ.
      I craved for chicken midweek and being the only one in the house, I had a lot kf leftovers. So, turned it into pulav for the weekend and maybe bcoz I’m hungry, it was really good. Just sneak out and eat a kabab. That’s what I’d do when i crave for non veg badly πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰ and then act cool 😎.
      Have a great week ahead Mona 😍☺️.

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