So, what’s cooking?

Today it is the heart filling Pappu Charu with piping hot Annam and Kodiguddu Attu. 🙂 I meant, Lentil stew with white rice and an Omelette. This is a standard school day dinner at our home and is etched into my memory to define peace and pleasantness.

I broke my phone last week. It’s been a ride ever since. I now realise how completely dependent I am on that little piece of tech. In process of losing access to the phone, I also lost a lot of data along with it and is still exploring options to get it all back but I don’t see any hope around the corner. So, I guess my curator series now have only my work laptop and WordPress drafts to hunt for content. These two on their own is plenty but I now realise a bit the importance of not reading all those articles, not posting all those pictures and not saving all relevant content on time. Instead of planning to do all those in an unknown and unpredictable future, I should have just lived in the moment. A really good life lesson that my phone taught me.

As a result of not having my phone, I have a lot of lazy time that is being filled with book reading while lazily sleeping on the bed. I guess I trained my brain to run along with the extremely high speed mobile phone RAMs so well that I lost the art of slow motion brain feed, nibbling on thoughts and all the peaceful moments that come along. I completed Looking for Alaska by John Green. It is a simple but amazing book. Read it if you get a chance. Mind you, it is not a fast read but is a pleasant, thoughtful bundle that evokes memories of your life locked away in your heart.

May be not having a smartphone isn’t a bad thing after all baring minor discomforts. I was able to sleep well on most of the days due to decreased binge watching on my mobile and was able to eat healthy home cooked food limiting take outs to 3 for the whole week, was able to concentrate better at work, gathering my perspective again with slowed down thoughts and wasn’t taking everything seriously like I do, when I’m sleepless, irritated and not working. Given all the good things that happened, I’m wondering if I really need a new smart phone now!. Well, it is not all good as I didn’t study for my English exam at all and the deadline is fast approaching and have not done any household chore whatever and my free Saturday is filled with chores as a result. It is good exercise to the body but I should’ve done it evenly across the week.

By the way, I really want to buy One Plus 6T now like an upgrade from One Plus 3T, but is a little too costly with the price around 45000 INR. 2 years back when I bought 3T, it was at around 30000 INR. A phone this expensive, would seriously tighten my budget for the next 3 months at least. So, I’m still thinking about it. Let’s see how it pans out.

And I’m about to start reading a new book and is planning to get back to my book reviews. I should write a review of the John Green book before I start the new one. At this rate, I would definitely read at-least 12 books this year. It would be a nice start as I really feel that I’ve lost that passion for reading. One thing I realised while reading that book last week is that, I clear up my mind while reading and I get better at words, sentences and as a person as well on the whole. That is why I read books. They just make me better for literally no cost(well a few hundreds of rupees and a few hours of time, but that’s nothing in comparison).

So, If I’m not asking for much, this week’s targeted things are here.

  • Do chores on time
  • Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day
  • Book Review of Looking for Alaska
  • PTE Prep
  • Work without getting distracted
  • 5 to 10k steps challenge
  • Read everyday
  • Eat as much as healthy food as I can
  • Sleep on time

Off I go back to my weekend chores. You have a good weekend & week ahead. Tata, Bye bye.

Love, Sahasra.


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