Can never understand the depth of their love and the pain it causes when you have to break their hearts for your happiness.

Their presence alone is a huge relief in a life filled with tests and challenges. I can never forget the day my mother cried while talking to me about my grandfather’s death. She said that with this loss, her life has now started a new journey into a life without parents. She said, she lost a part of her with that loss.

That day i decided to be her pillar of strength. I now wonder if i can ever live upto that responsibility! I’m too selfish to be selfless. Can I ever be the daughter they wanted? I have no clue at all.

Why do we stare?

Well, that’s one wonderful question that never fails to bring a smile on my face. But it is true that we Indians stare and foreigners get a lot of it.
The last time I checked, we are the 2nd populous country in the world and as if we have any less number of faces to look at, we stare at foreigners. You might wonder why this question amuses me?
It amuses me because I was the same and I used to stare at foreigners. The strange thing is I never knew I was staring or doing something that is really uncomfortable to others. I’m not sure how I missed that basic point. It was only when one of our Aussie consultants asked me the question that I realised what it was. We were chatting and she asked me very casually, “Many people over here stare a lot at me. Do I look that strange? or am I doing something wrong?”
For a second, I have no answer as it suddenly dawned upon me that I do the same. I smiled at her and gave the most sincere answer that I could give. “I’m sorry you felt that way but we don’t mean anything wrong. The reason might be that you all look so exotic to us that we want to know you. Since we cannot come and talk, we stare. And one more reason is that we were never taught that it is wrong to stare at others.”
That was the first time I accompanied a foreign colleague. Since then, I’ve been asked this question by other colleagues a few more times that this thing just registered strong in mind.
This morning when a couple of my colleagues told me that they were coming for some official work and asked me what to expect, this is the first thing that came into my mind. And I was prompted to write this up when I spotted a group of foreigners on the road and every single person around them are staring at them. While the view was funny to me, I knew how uncomfortable it must be for them. Then, it struck to me that maybe not everybody is staring. Some might be in deep thought and are just looking in that direction when these guys passed by. That’s a rare case but happens a lot with people like me who think a bit too much.
I guess it isn’t just with Indians, even I experienced the same thing when I was abroad. When I’m dressed in Indian attires, I was often stared at and I used to wonder if there’s something wrong with me or my dress. πŸ™‚ Now it all seems like one funny joke. After a few explanations from my other colleagues, I learnt to enjoy the attention and when it is too uncomfortable, I learnt to ignore. I guess this is what foreigners in India must do too. πŸ™‚
Okay, I know a lot of rambling, but had to pull all of these out of the system and so here!.. Bye then.


A conversation from “Castle”

I swearΒ i wasn’t going to post this today, but when i came across this conversation while watching the first season of Castle, the TV Series, i knew I had to post it here.Β You have to read it to find out what prompted me to take up the painful task of writing all the dialogue.
For those who aren’t familiar with the characters of Castle, Castle is the male lead and Alexis is his 15 year old teenage daughter and Martha is his Mum aka Grandmother to Alexis.


Scene : Alexis trying out different dresses for prom.
Alexis : (Sighs) what do you think?
Castle : You look beautiful.
Alexis : Dad you say that about every dress. Don’t you think that this dress makes my skin look pasty?
Castle : Sweetheart, I want you to know, No matter how you think you look, you are perfect exactly the way you are.
Alexis : You’re not helping!.
Martha comes in holding another dress.
Martha : Oh, God no. Hideous!.
Alexis : Thank you! πŸ™‚
Martha : Here, Try this. You know what, Good colour for you. (Sighs)
Alexis goes in to try that other dress.
Castle : What are you doing?
Martha : What?
Castle : You look hideous!. Are you trying to give her body image issues?
Martha : Oh, News flash! She already has body image issues. Said in tunes with being a woman. Every woman in the world, has some part of herself that she absolutely hates. Her hands are too small, her feet is too big, her hair is too straight, too curly, her ears stick out, oh, god, her butt is too flat, nose is too big, and you know, nothing you can say would change how we feel. What men don’t understand is the right clothes, the right shoes, the right make up, just it hides the flaws we think we have and make us look beautiful to ourselves. That’s what make us look beautiful to others. πŸ™‚
Castle : (Long pause and thought later) Used to be, all she need to feel beautiful was a pink tutu and a plastic tiara.
Martha : We spend our whole lives trying to feel that again.
Alexis comes out wearing the other dress and both of them(Dad & Gran) are in awe.

Now, tell me. Did you like the conversation? On any normal day, i would talk endlessly about the conversation and all about how i felt and how much i loved it which obviously is the reason why i badly wanted to share it here so that it doesn’t get lost somewhere in my memory line. But today, I’m not going to do any talking. I just want to feel the beauty and sweetness in the conversation and think how true Martha’s words are. I do think she is right. What do you think? Do you like the conversation especially Martha’s words at the end? How did you feel? Do let me know. πŸ™‚ By the way, i created that cool collage. Cool or not, I had so much time at hand and lots of Castle pics on Google! πŸ™‚

Hope you all are doing great. Happy Friday and good bye for now. πŸ™‚