Larry Crowne ;; An attempt

Not a Review :: Just an attempt at recollecting the so many thoughts revolving in my head post the movie.

For the past couple of years, I have been watching content without a break. It is nothing but continuous consumption, day in and day out. If I am not watching something, I’m either sleeping or eating or doing chores at home. That’s how much content I have been consuming and my screen time scores are through the roof. It is a lot of input for my brain without any outlet of any sort. No wonder I feel that my brain has been rotting away. There’s very little of processing that I’ve been doing. I just move on from one movie to another, from one series to another, season after season, I just consume content. And I do not have any language bias as well, thanks to subtitles. With the variety of content and streaming sites available these days, I’ve come a long way from the days of torrents, overnight downloads and gigabytes of content stored on hard disks. At least in those days, I used to be selective and choosy about the type of content I used to watch. But these days, it is merely a choice from the algorithm recommended items.

As I went mute (by choice unless mandatory) on my personal / real life, I wonder if I still have the capability to voice out my opinions on stuff that I so religiously watch. And to be able to do that, I need to put a halt on the consumption, take a break, and then process whatever I watch, assess my feeling and then attempt to get them out. And this is one such an attempt and I hope to get through this. I’ve watched 2 movies today and one of them was a repeat that I watch whenever life seems bleak, restless and meaningless.

The other one is Larry Crowne that I fished among a tonne of choices and what attracted me to Larry Crowne is that he is a middle aged man who is recently unemployed and is going back to college for a degree. Like a moth to a fire, I was just hooked. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are such actors that one forgets that it is all an act and we just see the life of these people unfolding before us. And what an amazing supporting cast, even if it is just or a scene or two, they are all just so memorable and eye catching that we only see their act, not the charismatic people they are in real life. It was always a pleasure when one gets to watch such stories on screen.

Larry Crowne loses his job in the first few minutes of the movie and it is all about how he managed after that. I’m neither middle aged, nor have ever experienced job loss. And yet, the idea about a seemingly lone man trying to put his life back together and attempting to go to college, intrigued me, a single woman in her early thirties, on a career break through one of the worst economic times of my life. I’ve been living on my savings for the past couple of years and have been slowly dipping into my investments as well but have never experienced financial hardships. And with all the money that I earned over the decade I worked, I was always an active investor and I thought financial literacy is something I am well versed with. Turns out, I know how to invest the money I earn but never actually understood the concepts of finance or economics in their true sense. Econ 101 is one of the three classes that Larry Crowne takes up at the community college and it made me wonder why I never bothered to actually learn about economics when that is a very huge part of my life in terms of my interests. Managing money came naturally to me when people actually struggle with it despite all the efforts they put it. Why not learn do it properly then? Maybe, my interest may pan out into something useful. I need to explore this option a bit further and see where it leads me.

One other course that Larry Crowne takes is Speech. The movie covers a few tactics of the class and it made me wonder if I still retain my speaking abilities. I used to excel at speech despite how much it tensed me out. I used to over prepare like crazy to overcome my fears and it usually worked. Talking / Speaking / Handling meetings at work, was always easy as it required knowledge of the subject and hardworking & relentless training and prep helped me through. What has and still is a difficult thing is to talk to people, to make small talk, to make people smile and to show my sincerity in my words. Being good with English has always helped me overcome or coverup a lot of my shortcomings, and yet, I’m never confident about English as it isn’t my first language and I do not have enough practice in the language. The only modes of contact were movies, tv shows, content I write or read, and some rare conversations with friends abroad. I need to take the English exam sometime soon and I hope to build up some confidence to ace the test once again. I need to find a way again, to get back on track.

Oh and oh, the many thoughts that ripple through my brain as I watched the movie, and they stayed with me long after the movie ended. The kind of life I led, the kind of life I lead now, and the kind I want, each are so different and have nothing in common whatsoever. I somehow took a huge leap of faith and got from then to now, and how do I get from now to there?.. I keep wondering. The past is interesting as it always has a foot in the current and the future. We just have to make some sense out of the countless moments and memories that we have lived through. And sometimes, it is just about living in the moment and navigating life as it goes. I’m kinda doing a mix of both and this is just a means to vent.

Looking back at the film, not only did it make me rethink about many of my life choices but also reminded me of certain times in life when I was fairly successful but directionless, of the times when I had a plan but sometimes did not follow up on, of the times when I had dreams and then of the times when I had no will or desire to be or do anything. The not being happy in the career that she had no choice but to take up, the lack of motivation that resulted from a dry spell of students, the stagnation and repulsiveness generated from an unhappy personal life, a moment to ponder about addictions, and how I was almost in the same situation as Larry, a pale, no strings attached person in America. My only real burdens are my lack of motivation and will to do/be better. Life is exhausting, but that’s the beauty of life. To find some meaning in the boredom of living. Maybe, I’ll get there someday and look back on this and say, well, that movie is some food for thought.

And on a lighter note, if a bankrupt, jobless, degree less, middle aged man like Larry can get a partner like Mercedes, then there must be some hope for me too. 😛 🙂

I’m actually tired and have no further energy or brains to ponder further and hence ending it at this moment. Maybe, that’s all I can process at this moment. And this, is my attempt at getting back to writing and penning down some of my many random thoughts that might help me slow down a bit and have an outlet for my ever consuming brain.


.. Sahasra


The Year I Met You by Cecilia Ahern

I probably should held out a disclaimer even before writing out my thoughts about the book. It was years ago when i accidentally stumbled across a Cecilia Ahern book only to find it amazing and magical. It was later that i came to know how successful she was as an author. And i have been a fan of her ever since and instantly keep liking her books. So, i may not be fair over here as i am more of an emotional person than the logical one i always struggle or want to be. What i wanted to say was, though not completely, my liking towards her and her books may tend to show up somewhere or the other and impact my opinions. 🙂

I read the book during January blogathon and that did not leave me enough time to review the book and now, when i tried to remind myself of what i felt while reading the book, my brain came up with nothing. While i was reading the book, it was almost as if, i lived the life of Jasmine, the girl whose story the book was about and yet, i feel an emptiness in my brain when i try to recollect the memories. It was strange as i always felt or had strong and clear opinions about books once i am done reading them. But then, slowly came back all those feelings when i came across certain things or people in my own life. Like the other day, when i was told by someone that i was too close to my family and i never let anyone else come that close. I live far away from them but i never call them everyday. I rarely call and talk to my sister unless there is something that needs to be discussed or needed. But we still know how important we were to each other and my parents knew how emotional i was when it was about them. Like Jasmine in the book, i was too close to my sister and was way more protective of her than i was supposed to be. Sometimes, the book made me wonder about the relation between siblings. Why are we so attached to them? Why do we love them unconditionally? Why do we see them in a different light and why do we think that we know them better than the world? Just because we share our parents, house and some part of life, do we have to do all that? Do we have to give and take so much? The magic this relationship has never ceases to surprise me. One moment we were almost on the verge of killing each other and then in the very next moment, there comes this kindness and love that makes you forgive and forget anything that ever happened and sit down for a meal together. The author made me rethink of all those thoughts i have about my relationship with my sister and no wonder i thought i lived her life. No, my sister isn’t suffering from any kind of syndrome or disease but it was the affection, love, trust and unconditional support that made me feel home. Apart from the love for her sister, the obsession that she had for success, for work, for helping people create better things and having no life other than work are a few things that most of us see in our everyday lives. This has been a growing culture and until unless some sort of miracle happens, you just cannot stay out of that vicious circle.
I really believe when people say that things happen for a reason and that applies to bad things too. Sometimes disasters happen just to get us out of the mess we were sitting in. We just fail to see it at that moment and it only sinks in once we give it enough time. Sometimes, being busy with our lives, we think that everything’s going well and it cannot be any better. It is during these times when disaster strikes us to show us how wrong we were and what’s really wrong with the path we followed.
Our life is always a miracle and no matter what happens, we have to live with hope for the future. I really believe in this and this book says it all in a loud and clear voice.
And finally, Cecilia Ahern still has the secured place in my heart. Love her and her books. Look into her books if you find anytime. They are worth it.

This is a cheat post for the missed post yesterday and since I’m too messed up to write anything using my brain, I edited my review post from drafts and here it is.

Take Care people.


My name is Kim sam soon

To me, kim sam soon is this perfectly normal girl who is called fat by every k drama person and may be in the world of Koreans.
This lovely girl made me laugh, cry, feel happy and sad. It is the story of how she found her guy and the way she accepted her name. She is one amazing girl who knew what her limitations are and what she wants.
Life is never easy for this girl in the kind of world she lives. Yet, she lives. She lives life to the fullest. Gives her best and if faced with failure, she accepts it and moves ahead.
This girl is a wonderful example for me. If you have to fulfil your dreams, you have to fight head on. Never fear failure and stay behind.  Be it love or career, say it and do it of you need it. The only way one gets a thing is by asking and going for it.
I love the way this girl tells the guy that she loves him. Never once does she think that she isn’t worthy of him. I wouldn’t have respected her this much if she ever doubted herself. She has the feeling that she is fat and even does fad diets too but never once does she consider herself anybit less because of her body.
I’m in awe of this girl. She is a fictional character. But she is wonderful. I’ve seen count less k dramas and she is the best of all the leads I’ve ever seen. If I were to wish for to be any one fictional character, that would be her. I wish I was like her. Like the dough that stretches all by itself without any yeast. Independent, self reliant, yet madly in love and mostly super confident and ferocious.
Love you kim sam soon. Haven’t had a chance to do any research on the actors in the drama, but will do that soon and update the post with enough details. Do watch it if you are interested.
And, I blame sam sooni for making me stay awake till 3 in the morning today and I ended up having severe sinus based headache resulting in me indulging 3 coffees. The client almost ate my head off and found 2 more issues with my reports. I’m banging my head by the end of the day. I will have to deal with that tomorrow, so why think about it and panic now!. Anyways, today’s rule is to not post anything in hurry after 11:30 pm like I’ve been doing since the past 4 days and to move forward my sleep time to some 10:30-11:00 frame. 🙂
Hope you all had a great monday. Take care people. Good night. Bye.


Big girl

No re, I’m not talking about myself. It is Danielle Steele’s book that I’m talking about.
13 charles Street is the first book of Steele that I got to read. I really enjoyed the book. I always liked stories about the contemporary world. Stories that aren’t too depressing nor too fictitious. No wonder I loved her book. Not sure why it took me so long to pick her book again but this one is worth the wait. Loved Big girl for many reasons. I wouldn’t give out spoilers but would just tell you why I loved this book so much that I’m going for a second read. So, here’s why this became a good read to me. 🙂
1. I’m a big girl too and the thought of reading some story related to the topic is exciting.
2. Different things happen differently in everyone’s life. Just because you have a few things in common, it doesn’t mean that you’ve seen similar life. This book gives a great example for this.
3. Just because you are born to the same parents, it doesn’t mean that you think the same or you’ll have to look the same.
4. Just because a few people in the world think that you are fat and aren’t attractive, you need not stop living your life.
5. Parents might be the most wonderful and equally dangerous breed in the world.
6. Of course, your parents love you and can only think about your goodness and wellbeing. But for sure it doesn’t mean that whatever they do is good for you.
No matter what they say, we are the one’s who should be deciding what’s good for us and what’s not.
7. Parents give you good advices and suggestions from their own life experiences. They think we can play safe by following their footsteps. But what they forget is that no two lifes are similar and one has to make his own mistakes to grow. And the things they think are good to us need not necessarily be good for real as they think with their heart and brain when it’s our own brain and heart who knows what’s best for us.
And if I keep on listing like this, I will end up writing the whole story. So, that’s it for now people. And huh, don’t hesitate to pick it up when you see it. It’s a nice and interesting read.
Take care. Bye.


Your Dreams are Mine Now, by Ravinder Singh

Frankly speaking, i like Ravinder Singh. I liked his first book a lot. I have been reading Ravinder for the quality he gave with the first one and i am disappointed this time. All I expect from him is a sweet love story that i can really love and feel. But no. This one’s a disappointment.
I must tell you, the cover is misleading. The prologue, is something i really hate in this book. I think it is so stupid to reveal a tragic climax in the form of prologue. This prologue made me feel sad. It did not let me enjoy the beautiful and happy parts of the book. I mean, how could you understand and feel the sadness or intensity of pain when you have never really felt or known real happiness.
Talking about that, the book has its own share of happy and cool moments. This book has a promising start(If you choose to ignore the prologue!). But then the author chooses to eat pages to set up the plot. That was one long drag.
I loved the equation the two leads shared. I liked the way the author shaped up characters and how he made the whole plot revolve around the girl. But then, at some point, i started feeling that he is putting too much into the life of a first year college girl.
Then comes the politics part. I am not sure if DU is really that way. But i never came across such politics during my college life and i only learnt about them through movies, old books and stories from parents. It was too distant to relate. But i guess that’s all a part of the plot and is okay to read.
As i told you earlier, the prologue killed me first. It told me that the story is going to have a sad ending. Now, why would you read a love story when you already know that it is going to end badly. For such books, the plot and the love story have to be so strong that people should forget the end by getting so involved in the plot and they should feel a natural pain when you actually take them through the tragedy. But with a weak story line, it is too daring to reveal the tragic part in the prologue. I love Ravinder Singh for the wonderful feeling he creates with those love stories. And if i fail to get that feeling because of a prologue, then i am wondering what’s there to read or enjoy in that book. He either should have had a strong plot or a different or no prologue.
And then, why take the idea from the Nirbhaya case for the end? I really don’t understand this. Couldn’t he think of any better idea? For some reason, i did not like him using the case. I wish he came up with something better and different to end the story. I don’t mean a happy ending, but i mean a better reason or idea to reach the tragic end is also okay.
If i am given a choice, i would read his first book again and end my day with a happy feeling rather than be annoyed by reading this one.

Hope you all have a great day. Bye.


Before Series


Do I have anything to post?
Absolutely no.

But here’s something I love.
Before series. I love all three movies of the series and Before Sunrise is the is the first and best of all. It is followed by Before Sunset and Before Midnight. Anyone who loves words will love them. With the movies, I fell in love with the actors, Julie delphie and Ethan Hawke. The series is also called the Richard Linklater series, after the director. Do watch all three if you are spending a lazy weekend and I’m sure you’ll not regret and even more sure that you’ll love them.

Happy sunday people. 🙂