I hate this block editor!!

Why? Why does word press do this?

We were having so much fun and flexibility with the classic editor.

I now have to install a plugin to get the classic editor back and to install a plugin, I need a business plan on WordPress. And that’s not all, if we have a plugin installed, I loose certain widgets on the current template! ..

First and foremost, why cannot I remove the bold font on my post title? And I cannot go onto a new line without having a new block created and making it look like it is a different paragraph altogether.

Gosh, it used to be such a simple task to post on WordPress. Now I get the same feeling I used to get when I learnt MS Word and Powerpoint for the first time when I was in class 6! Disgusting.

I know I’m a bit late to the party!.. I have been using mobile app to post all this while and was switching from block to classic every time I write. But there either seem to have no such options on the web browser or the block editor was now made the default hereon!.. Either way, it sucks!

Thank you WordPress for this unwanted and never in demand pleasure.

I have been trying to use this and get a hang of it, but it has been a headache so far. I’m back on the blog after a while and so I’ll try to keep up and learn how to live with this stupid thing. But yeah, I want to vent my heart out. I’ll keep searching on how to get workarounds for my issues but like I’m saying, it is annoying and irritating like hell! Very disappointed with you WordPress.