Curator Series #5: (Not a) Superwoman

Behind a Superwoman

A friend asked me this morning, on what was the problem I had with my husband. His intention was to really understand what my issue was and how it got that bad. Please don’t mistake him for the prying neighbourly aunty. He is someone who accepted me for what I am and gave me the benefit of doubt in every situation even though he disagreed with some of my views. He’s been my rock solid support system who accepted my friendship with my flaws.

For someone like him, I was and will always be ready to explain. He knew that I am in a safe place now and can answer questions like these and hence the question. Since he knows most of the inbetween and after story content, I explained him in simple words when an article in my notes popped up with the super woman topic. He is in the middle of the arranged marriage process and wanted to know how he can try to not repeat my mistake. So, this was my answer to him. Earlier this morning when we spoke, I couldn’t put my thoughts together to explain him clearly, but when I came across this article while going through my posts, I thought this would help me to tell my point in a better and easy way.

So, here it is. The story of a superwoman and who’s behind her. Please note that this article is from womens web by Tanvi Sinha.

And this is my conclusion to my rant.

Most men and women around me are that way(Super woman and Bittu Bhaiyya) and that is why many don’t think it is a problem. But to me it is. That is how I was different or in popular terms, the odd or weird one.

It took me a while and many a depressed bouts to realise that being different from others or expecting different things from others isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I still deserve my happiness and that I’m not a bad or terrible person to choose my happiness.

Anyone who’s following might be wondering why I’m writing all these posts now. It’s just me venting out whatever bitterness is left in me and in process paving way to a new life. I’m breathing, getting better and finding myself again. This s an attempt at decluttering my brain and collections as well. Well anyways, my blog has always been about me. I’m a narc that way.

So, here’s my curator series post of the day. Thank you for reading πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—.

The Kheer Story

I was reading Vidya’s blog the other day where she posted this yummy Walnut Kheer. No, I didn’t prepare it. But the post took me to another kheer recipe of hers. Plain Rice kheer which is her mother’s recipe. The love I have for Rice kheer made me want to prepare it. And the date she posted that kheer returned me to memories of my first international trip.

My job took me to Johannesburg and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life which left me with memories for life. In the middle of July came my birthday on the 16th and I was missing my Mum so badly and set out to make kheer in that South African guest house with nothing but the basics. Remember this was back in 2011 and I was no expert in cooking(not that I’m an expert now!) and succeeded in partly burning the milk and it seemed as if the rice was taking forever to cook and I gave up immediately ending in tears. It wasn’t just the Kheer, 2 months away from home, pressure at work, and a silly fight with my roomies who are also my colleagues all added up to my emotions and flowed into tears.

It was then K, one of my colleagues who took charge and fixed that kheer and made it edible. And another colleague AJ got the cake and they were singing the song. I had a silly fight with them on the very same day, we are all super tired and weren’t on the best of terms. And yet they wanted to see a smile on my face and make me happy. 

Their effort brought a smile on my face and more tears. But this time they were more of gratitude and happiness. It was one of my very first experiences on the kindness of strangers and I am left with a memory for life and indebted forever. Those were the simplest of gestures and yet their timing reserved them a special place in my heart. Only with Gratitude, Love and Respect that I can repay them.

Thank you for those wonderful memories guys and thank you vidya from bringing those back to me now. I did make the kheer 2 days back and though not perfect, it was way better than my earlier attemps and i ate it for lunch and dinner too.😊. I was busy with a friend’s birthday party yesterday and couldn’t properly complete this post and so here I am completing it.

Life sure isn’t easy but some people just make your day with almost nothing but love and kindness. Thanks to such wonderful people.❀😊

Love, Sahasra

The way I said yes – 1

There was this guy in college. Let’s call him R.
We were schoolmates first and after a 4 year break of high schooling, we met again in college. We were from the same town and were in college hostels, far away from home and we knew each other through school. We had all the common grounds that made us friends. In fact, we were the best of friends. He was the best friend I never had before. I had a big group of girlfriends and yet he was my bestie with whom I was comfortable enough to share every precious thought of mine.
No matter what I say or how I behave, at heart, I have always been an introvert and will remain so. My life is always a secret and a mystery to many. If this is the way I am now, think about me in my late teens. Yes, I started enjoying my new found freedom but never actually moved out of the introvert behaviour. Despite all of this, he is one guy with whom I was never scared of sharing my mind and heart. There were no ifs and buts. I trusted him completely and I was so proud to have a friend like R. Everyone else thought that he was just perfect and even I felt the same. When I say perfect, I was talking about his nature, behaviour, attitude and the way he cared about friends and his skill of befriending the super shy introverted girl and helping her in bringing her best talents out. He helped me come out of the shell and meet a whole new world at college. It was pure joy being that friend and guys, it wasn’t attraction. There wasn’t any magic and no feelings of love were involved. Life was just super cool and perfect. And I like any other girl in college, I had my own crushes and attractions which I always shared with R. Nothing from that phase of my life is a secret to him. I was almost an open book to him and just imagine how much important that kind of relationship would be to a shy and introverted girl like me. It was invaluable.
But then, it’s life and it had to change course. Turns out, what I thought of as amazing friendship but nothing more wasn’t the same for him. Sometime after the first year of college, it turned into love for him. He waited for a good 6 months before telling me how he felt about me. I was shocked at first and then confused and then I said no to him. I never felt the same about him. Though he was special to me, i never had any special feelings for him. I had so many doubts on how he would respond and how he would take my answer. I was afraid to talk to him because I was worried that he might think that I feel the same for him too. I said no and tried to explain him my reasons. I knew I could go on without any explanation, but he being my best friend, made me explain. But that just depressed him more and he stopped eating and fell sick and was in no state to respond and live his life. He was harming himself over my rejection. That was clear emotional blackmail but that silly me never understood how nad it is. The situation had its toll on me and I said, I too love him(I know, I sound super foolish, but yes I said I love him and that too out of pressure). I was 19 and I was stupid enough to make such decisions. That is one moment that changed my life forever. No matter what I do, it has always shown its impact on my life. I remember a few things that I thought back then.
1. That I couldn’t afford to lose such a friend.
2. That he might be my best bet!
3. That mine might become the popular love story where best friends fall in love and live happily forever.
4. And that I too might fall in love with him the way he did.
5. That may be I’m being practical about life when everyone else is falling for physical attractions, I was going into a serious relationship with my best friend. I actually thought that I’m more mature than others!
6. I thought we had a great understanding between us, respect for each other and what more did I need.
7. I thought I would be happy with a guy who loved me and I really thought I knew him well enough to commit to him.
8. I thought my life’s just become better and I will be happy with my decision.
9. Except that I DON’T love him, I could find no other reason to say NO.
10. EVERYONE around me thought that we were the perfect couple.
11. Most importantly, I was worried about breaking his heart by saying NO to him.

Now people, please don’t start bashing me left and right with gyaan. I have made a stupid choice and have faced more than enough consequences as well and have no/very less regrets, so chill down.
No, he isn’t in my life anymore but this is just to explain a part of my life which is/was a secret to many and I had to spread it out here.. as I was about to do some similar things and I’m worried to death about the choices I’m making. I need a clear mind to think and hence the thoughts being laid out over here and be warned, in future, there’s more to come about my very own personal life and the break up story. It’s upto you to stay reading or leave.
By the way, Carl, thank you so much for checking out on me, to see if I was dead or alive. πŸ™‚ Though it was me who’s being the douche by ignoring my little love(blog) with the excuse of being busy with work and life, I must tell you that you asking my wellbeing, really means a lot. Trust me, no matter what happens, I bounce back to being well. So I’m as good as ever. Take care ppl and bye for now.