Shop Alone!

I don’t know what everyone else calls it, but to me it is clear cut and really cheap therapy which works amazingly well.
I love to shop alone. No, I go shopping with friends too. But when I crave for lone time and when my brain is too busy with thoughts and has absolutely no capacity to handle any kind of conversation, shopping is the only solace. I know that it costs me money, but I always try to have it under control and only shop as much as I can afford. The grocery lists I usually make, come to my rescue. I roam around those big grocery aisles and clear my brain in the process. I don’t know how it works, but it works for me. I roam around in the mall for hours and it leaves me tired enough that I just go home and fall asleep. Hours of lone time and one good night sleep does all the magic.
Sometimes, I get the feeling that there must be something wrong with me to find solace in such a weird habit. Am I strange? I have no idea if it is a good thing or a bad thing. But that’s me and one of my weird traits. 🙂
It was on Friday, when I was feeling a bit low and was absolutely clueless(like I am on most of the days!). Adding to it, there is a mall at 10 minute walking distance from office and with the weird trait i have, no wonder my feet took me there. You know what I bought? Books again! A total of 4 that cost me around 1500 INR. I’m crazy to buy so many books costing me so much especially now when I haven’t read a single book in the last 3 months!
And then, the shameless me wanted to buy another book for 800 as it was a book by a favourite author written after a good 7 years of break. It was then that my brain awoke from its very deep sleep and told me NO and that I can buy that book as a birthday gift if I was able to finish reading these 4 before my birthday. Nice challenge, thought my heart and said, ok.
That way, I left the mall with mixed feelings and cleared thoughts.
So, now I’m on a mission of the reading kind. To complete reading all 4 books in less than a month. Will keep you posted with reviews of my kind :).

Take care people.