Curator Series #4 : Shoes and shoe sizes

It seemed like a challenge to just talk about shoe sizes, so i included shoes as well. The reason my shoe sizes are my oldest notes is that, my memory is very short lived when it comes to really useful things like this! πŸ™„πŸ˜.

Shoe size is the 2nd most complicated thing in the world of sizes to me. The first one being my body size, needs no further explanation. Well, my feet are a weird breed. While I was either normal or huge in terms of my body size, my feet are the only constant in the varying and ever evolving world of sizes.

I have small feet. People often get surprised to see how small my feet look. There are countless times when many a shoe salesmen suggested me the wrong shoe size basing their judgement on my body size. I would be saying in my polite but sarcastic tone with a “no, please show me a size or two smaller than that” mode. And as if my feet aren’t weird enough, they are an inbetween size. There is never a proper fit. Everything is either a bit tight or a bit loose. I’m not even rich to have my own custom made shoes. Added advantage is my huge body that doesn’t work in sync with many beautiful shoes this world offers. What can a girl do but adjust and adapt (huge sigh!) πŸ˜‰. I just keep wondering what others in similar situations do πŸ€”. Like everybody, I too have my share of good-bad experiences with shoes but the weirdest of them all is buying shoes online and getting a pair with each shoe in a different size. I realised the discomfort early on only to realise the reason a year later πŸ™‰. What more can I say?

Well, that is the weird me. Every year, i promise myself a new pair of walking shoes and a fitness tracker if I go on a morning walk straight for 30 days, but never made it to 30, leaving my dream for a new pair of shoes and a fitness tracker hanging. I can afford it and I also used to go crazy over shoes and sandals. But ever since I focused on saving money, that part of me just disappeared. And the amount of money I was able to save by cutting down my shopping sprees was worth all the itch and temptation control. To top it off, i made motivation my key aim to buy things. I bribe myself of stuff to do things I otherwise would never do out of my laziness.

Well that’s my shoe story in culmination with everything that’s relevant and irrelevant πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜›. Have a nice day folks.